Contact John Morrish

Apologies for the WordPress webpage. I’ve been busy.

My background is in journalism. Now I write fiction and non-fiction, edit, and lead writers’ groups. I also love films: the blurry image is from White God (2014), directed by Korn√©l Mundrucz√≥.

If you want to know what I have done, try Googling me or looking for me on Pretty much all the John Morrishes are me. Or there is my LinkedIn page, which is a sort of CV. I should do a new one.

I am always interested in talking about work and I am very approachable. I live in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK. You can contact me by emailing or phoning +77 8851 5387. I am on Twitter (@morrishjohn) and Facebook (john.morrish.90).